Who We Are

iSun International Group ("iSun") is a USA contract engineering and manufacturer firm of commercial and industrial products, assemblies and components. iSun's heritage emanates from a precision engineering and manufacturer firm of specialty equipment founded in Connecticut, USA in 1868 that has been issued over 100 worldwide patents.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Exceeded expectations
  • Flawless execution
  • Turn-key, fixed-cost contract manufacturing
  • Engineering & design excellence
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Improved operating margins and increased profits
  • Highest quality levels
  • "Hands on" project management
  • Continuous monitoring of quality compliance
  • Optimized data handling, transfer and communication

iSun owns and controls a group of companies, involved in industrial and product design, engineering and manufacturing services. iSun owns and operates manufacturing plants in the USA and in China and has distribution facilities in the USA, Europe and China.

iSun works successfully with a wide range of quality-conscious businesses, ranging from small, privately-owned firms to large, public companies, each of whom seeks to take advantage of both onshore and offshore design, engineering and manufacturing services without sacrificing quality, performance or delivery. iSun produces and assemblies a wide range of products for its customers in many different industries.

iSun's goal is to become a strategic partner supplier of engineered, technical products and components, improving your profitability and quality under a professionally managed and carefully controlled program. iSun can manage and monitor the entire supply chain process from new product design to logistics both here in the U.S. and abroad. We have been awarded "Supplier of the Year" recognition by two Fortune 500 companies. iSun has proven we can master the technical and difficult supply challenges, let us show you how we can do that for you.